We are seeking motivated, enthusiastic, and collaborative people to join our team! Please contact Dr. Piotrowski-Daspit for more information. We have openings for postdocs and a lab technician/manager.

Principal Investigator

Alexandra S. Piotrowski-Daspit, Ph.D.


Alexandra Piotrowski-Daspit is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Internal Medicine – Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division at the University of Michigan. Dr. Piotrowski-Daspit received her bachelor’s degree in Chemical-Biological Engineering and Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and her Ph.D. in Chemical & Biological Engineering from Princeton University. She trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University, and has received funding from the NIH (NHLBI K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award) and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Postdoc-to-Faculty Transition Award) to support her interdisciplinary research in chemical/biomedical engineering, biomaterials, genetics, and drug delivery to develop therapeutic strategies to treat hereditary disorders with a focus on lung diseases.

Google Scholar CV

Graduate Students

Owen Kelly [CV]
Ph.D. Student (BME)

BS in Biomedical Engineering, Boston University, 2023

Research: targeted delivery using polymer-based nanomedicines

Interests: cooking, basketball

Peyton Panovich [CV]
Ph.D. Student (BME)

BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, 2023

Research: decoys to evade phagocytic clearance of NPs

Interests: running, dancing, reading

Alaa Mwafy [CV]
Ph.D. Student (ChemE)
(co-advised with Greg Thurber)
BS in Chemical Engineering,
UAE University, 2020
MS in Biomaterials Science and Clinical Research, NYU, 2022

Research: high-throughput tools for biodistribution analysis and PK modeling

Interests: hiking, cycling and volunteering

Undergraduate Students

Arianna Markey
UM Class of 2024 (BME major; concentration in biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineering)

Research: Quantitative image analysis of systemic polymeric nanoparticle delivery

Interests: baking, playing video games, watching anime, going to Costco

Emotional Support Staff

Rocket Daspit
PostDOGtoral Fellow

Interests: face licking, squirrel control, home security

Luna Daspit
LAP Technician

Interests: boxes, hiding in plain sight, lap sitting


Karen Reynoso, UROP Student 2023